The Dawning of a New Era

24 07 2007

By Citi D.

Citizen DuMonde is your portal to regional events, hot-spots and information. CDM appeals to the taste-makers of the city, posers need not apply. Our aim is to quell all naysayers that the nerve to fix their mouths and utter “There’s nothing to do in this city”. From album release parties, art shows, hot new restaurant openings, happy hours to week-long festivals, we strive to put you in the know. And if, for some odd reason, you miss an event…we’ll try our damnedest to let you know what you didn’t get to see (But you’d better have one hell of an excuse).

Why the name: CitizenDuMonde?

(Citizen of the World)

 Simple. In my not-so-humble opinion, I believe that in order to make the most out of life a person has to have a global mind-set when approaching opportunities. You have to step out of your comfort zone and wholeheartedly embrace new experiences. Without this global mentality, it is easy for one to stay stuck in a rut, ignoring the wonderful possibilities that are right under their fingertips.



The Inspiration

I.  I’m a walking concierge. Seriously. Friends and associates call, email, or text me all the time with questions like:

  • Where’s a good place for Sunday Brunch?

  • Best Happy Hour on a Thursday?

  • Any fashion shows happening soon?

  • Where can I find 3 midget strippers for this weekend’s bachelor party? (I’m not lying)

I pride myself on being able to answer these questions, and its an ego boost when they come back with stories to tell (The midget strippers were a big hit, by the way).


II.  Pure need. Nightlife and event information is so jumbled  nowadays that I felt the need to create a one-stop shop for comprehensive listings without bias. I gather my info from number of sources, so that you lazy punks don’t have to do the dirty work. I accept cash and EBT cards.

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be the authority on nightlife, (which is why I’m open to dialogue and suggestions) but I’m something like it. Just like how I’m something like a pimp. But you knew that already.

What You Can Expect From This Site:

  • Info on area events.

  • A light-hearted approach to nightlife. Expect crude language, and off-color jokes because you can always find this information yourself, minus the personality.

  • Reviews on various hot-spots around town.

  • Spotlights on fashion, music and entertainment that appeals to this audience

  • Interviews with area folks that you need to know

What you SHOULDN’T Expect:

  • Celebrity gossip: There are 2483483 sites with this information, I refuse to regurgitate.

  • A platform for my personal rants and raves, if that was the case I could turn this blog into a book and it’ll be the size of Tolstoy’s War & Peace. I’ll keep the rants and raves strictly related to event/venue discussions.


Well, with all that said: I hope you bookmark this site because there’s a lot of goodies coming your way. I’ve also managed to assemble an amazing staff: they’ve got their ears to the street, eyes on their cocktails, and hands on the gyrating ass in front of them. If you want to reach me personally, don’t hesitate to email me. Just don’t do it during happy hours, Citi needs her half-priced drinks and appetizers, Cupcake.

(In case you’re slow and didn’t notice my email on the sidebar: