Weekend Edition-Aug. 29-Sept 3

29 08 2007


I know what you’re thinking.


Where’s the rest of the parties?

Well you’re shit out of luck. For right now. LA Editor Yolanda is out of the country until tommorow, and I (Citi D.) am damned tired.

Check back tommorow for more goodies for this weekend.  




A Little Help Please….

27 08 2007

We need your input. You see, this blog (along with the other two city-specific ones) will be moving to a new domain very soon. We wanted to give you a centralized place in which to enjoy ALL the blogs, as well as new features. A place where you can spend hours (or minutes, if you’re a tad bit ADD like myself) perusing articles, meeting folks with the same interests, and just shooting the shit.

Where do I come in?” Glad you asked, my little buttercup. Let us know what you want to see on the new and improved CitizenDuMonde. It could be content -specific or feature specific…doesn’t really matter because it’s coming from YOU and we will be considering all suggestions.

So either leave a comment here, or email us @ CitizenDM@gmail.com.


By the way, don’t even THINK about asking for nude pictures of the staff.

You gotta pay for that kind of beauty.


Dig This-Bag, Borrow or Steal

24 08 2007

Stay Fashionable: By Any Means Necessary! 
Ballin on a budget? Well I know I am so  when someone told me that I could borrow or steal high fashion bags legally I was extremely HYPE!!! Weren’t you hype when you heard about
bagborroworsteal.com??? Wait… PLEASE tell me everyone has heard of the company Bag Borrow or Steal! Well, for those of you that’s been stuck in a unstylish closet for the past 2 years, here’s my speil on the company that allows you to switch Louis, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Juicy, Dior, and YSL bags every month. You pay a monthly fee, about $20, $40, $90 or $170, and get to “rent” handbags or jewelry and keep them as long as you like The idea is ssssooo simple (I should have been doing this with my own bags!). You sign up, pay a monthly fee based on the level of service you desire, and then you get to keep one handbag at a time of your choice to keep for as long as you want.

When you’re sick of an item, you mail it back and get a new one. A single designer purse can cost about $1200. You can spend the same amount ”borrowing” your purses and appear to outside observers that you have gone through more than 12 different thousand dollar bags in a years time. You could customize your purse ordering to match with a particular outfit or a special event. You would be in purse love every couple of weeks, which makes sense since the “it” handbags change about every month or so. And who can afford to keep buying new all the time?

 If keeping your bag trendy and your wardrobe fresh is at the top of your list (but you don’t have Hilton, Lohen, or Ricci kind of $$$) then this may be your answer.BUT there are some things to consider: If you are the type not to switch bags all the time, then the bagborroworsteal.com monthly membership might not be the way to go. For the price you are spending to keep the bag you love every month, you might as well save the money and actually purchase the bag on your own. It’s the difference between renting an apartment or buying a condo. ALSO, I am not too hype about the jewelry section. Although there are a lot of hot Chanel, David Yurman, & Vera Wang pieces, I am kind of grossed out by the fact that someone else wore it before me. Can you imagine putting something in your ear or on your neck that has been worn by tons of people? It would be like sleeping on a nasty hotel bed that you never know what was spilled on it. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion. What do you think? 



So Who wanna go to the Library????

24 08 2007

This week, I was able to check out this cool bar downtown called the Library Bar. What can I say, as a book lover and a booze hound, I was in heaven. The decor is actually books that you can read while you wait for friends to come or just chill by yourself. This downtown hot spot is popular with the workers for happy hour. You can get yummy drinks like martinis or wine for $3 or $4 bucks. Where was this bar at when I was in collge because I used to tell the folks that I was going to the library when in fact I has heading to the bar. This place will even order you food from the joint next door if you get a bit hungry while drinking. If you go for happy hour try to get there around 3pm for a relaxed atmosphere and to get a seat as well. After that it’s wall to wall with bodies. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be able tto find a nice hottie to talk to and even buy you a drink.

It’s almost the weekend…..

23 08 2007

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And it’s going to be a slow one. But there is still time for me to find a good party to go to so I can spend my hard earned money before I have to scrap up my nickels, dimes and quarters to pay rent. Shit man, I hate the 1st of the month. But it will be worth it to go to Dress Right, a monthly fashion show then go dance the night away at Dance Right at La Cita.

Just make sure you Rsvp @dressright@danceright.net and danceright@gmail.com to get your ass in.

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It wouldn’t be a Saturday without half naked beautiful boys and girls parading themselves around a pool.. This one is at the Standard on Sunset Blvd put on by those lovely peeps at Bang Gang, Free w/ RSVP to http://www.modularpeople.com.

The Standard Restaurant

8300 Sunset Blvd

West Hollywood, CA 90069




Rock on.

Nice quiet weekend

20 08 2007

Well was suppose to go to the Vice pool party, But several things seem to get in my way. One was it was so damn hot and two, i’m poor. I really don’t like going out wasting money. I didn’t really want to sit out in the sun and drink. I mean if the party was indoor, I would have been there. So I opted to stay in my lovely apartment san air condition and have my own party for one. I could have called over my friend Flip to drink with me, but my good friend vino was already there waiting and ready to show me a good time. I’m sure the party was fun , but there nothing better then getting drunk in you own place. Easier to pass out in and it is free. Next weekend, I’m going out for sure, I get paid on friday so, I have to spend that good earn money on some drinking.

Dig This-Hellz Bellz

17 08 2007

Hellz Bellz

By Citi D.

I fell in love with Hellz Bellz at first glance in some random store on Melrose. I waltzed in, casually chatting with my two cohorts D and Brie, expecting to be bored with the merchandise. Seeing as though most “street-wear” designers cater to the male demographic, I was half-assing my way through the shelves until I saw HER. Bright bold colors, perfect fit for the female physique and…the graphics. OH, the graphics. This particular piece featured Minnie Mouse. No, not the one that’s overly-girly, submissive, and retardly-in-love with Mickey. This Minnie packed heat and was ready for war. SOLD.



Hellz Bellz is a lifestyle brand for women who “question authority and strive to push the envelope in the fashion game”. (www.cmonwealth.com) Under the creative direction of its founder, Lanie Alabanza, the line draws inspiration from edgy sources such as sex-ploitation flicks and rock music. Check out their site and peruse t-shirts and tanks depicting provocative and chaotic images. (www.hellz-bellz.com)




4100-Thirsty Thursday Edition

16 08 2007

 By Yolanda Evans

If you are a true eastsider, then it’s more then likely you have been to 4100 a few times. If you haven’t, then you don’t know what you are missing.

Located down the street from El Cid, 4100 is a hip Silverlake nightspot. This place just screams dive bar from the outside, but as soon as you walk through the red curtains, it’s an whole other world with its mix of Asian decor and hipster hip-ness. There are all sorts of dark corners where you can just chill with your friends or date. Since it is on the eastside, expect some indie kids lurking about.

Word on the streets is that Sienna Miller and Jack Bauer himself, Kiefer Sutherland, has been spotted inside from time to time. If you are ordering a beer,  expect to shell out about five bucks. The cocktails are a bit pricier.

I once ordered an Adios Mutherfucker and it cost me  12 bucks. It wasn’t worth the price as I found it to be lacking  in the alcohol factor. I don’t know whether  it was because of my high tolerance or I just got a shitty bartender. So if you stick to beer, you will be fine and save some money as well. Don’t forget to rub the giant  stone Buddha Belly as it’s suppose to give you luck or get you lucky depending on how you see it.

Weekend Edition August 15-19

16 08 2007

Are all ya’ll fools ready for the weekend? I know I am. But then again everyday is like a weekend to me since I work for myself. But for all ya’ll that have to go into an office and slave for the man, a little drink here and there is highly recommended. Here are some of the best of the best bars and parties L.A. has going on this weekend. Enjoy your bar hopping but remember this: acting a fool is hazard to you health as your friends will surely make fun of any drunken antics. I know I would.

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I know this event is not till Saturday, but you have to mention the great ones 1st. I mean any event where they are having a pool party with free Colt 45 and drink special on 40’s is is all good in my books. This party thrown by Vice Magazine and Blow Up L.A. is going to be sick folk. Remind me when I was in college and me and girls use to drink 40’s and Zapps potato chips. Ah, the memories. To get into this event all you have to do is RSVP @going.com/Colt 45 and you get in for free.OK, I know ya’ll can’t hold off till, So here are a little something something to keep you in that drunken state that you love to be in


Dance Right

La Cita

336 S. Hill St.



RSVP @ danceright@gmail.com to get in for free and enjoy $3 Dewars White Labels from 10pm-midnight. Then boogie on down till the Bouncers throw ya’ll asses out.

If you have a bit more money to spend then, I would say go to Filter Magazine “Revenge On the Sunset Strip.” It’s $16 to get in but there is an open bar from 7:30 – 8:30 . Tonights line-up is The Sparrow Love Crew and Delta Sprirt

The Roxy

9009 West Sunset Blvd



It’s Friday and you don’t have to work in the a.m. So you can get crunk and do it right. Try Downtown Turf at Bar 107. There cheap booze and $2 photo booth so you ask what did i do last night, you have a pretty little picture. Oh it’s downtown in the depth of homeless peeps, but they won’t bother you if you throw a little change thier way. Think of it as protection money, you dig.

Bar 107

107 W 4th St.

btw Main and Spring


For all ya’ll artsy folks, then We like Girls, @ Micro LA Gallery is right up your alley. This annual exhibit from what i heard is going to be off the hook. It’s a bit early(6pm-11pm), but hey there is free booze. So shut up and drink, then move on.

Micro LA Gallery

2008 E. 7th St



This should be a day of rest, but there is no rest for the wicked of alkies. So if your not too hung over, You should do it over. Or bet yet go to Do Over at Crane’s Tavern in Hollyhood, I mean Hollywood. Your in for a treat cheap food and booze. yay. But get there early, because the line is insane.

Crane’s Tavern

611 El Centro Ave


2pm- 10pm

Cinespace Tonight…but u already knew that….

14 08 2007