The Return of MCM

3 08 2007



For about the past year, I’ve been praying for somebody to press the fast forward button on all this 80s era fashion bullshit. Leggings, bamboo earrings, neon shoes..I can take in moderation. But sometimes you heifers take it TOO far. Acid wash jeans paired with gold-plated jewelry? I mean, am I really supposed to take you serious?

Allow me to upgrade you. Don’t worry, you can still pretend that you live in the 80s, but you’re going to do so with a little, ahem-CLASS.


MCM, the luxury brand known for its line of monogrammed accessories and an 80s icon in itself, is back. Of course all the pieces boast that well known MCM logo, but with new prints, patterns and some fly ass hardware. The only store I know that carries the new line (for right now) is Intermix.





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