Sorry we’re late….we’re all hungover..

10 08 2007

In our eyes…it’s STILL Thirsty Thursday.

Bar Lubitsch

By Yolanda Evans


 Once the dingy gay bar, Parlour Club, where Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt spent their last New Year’s  as a couple, is now Bar Lubitsch, the new fashionable watering hole for all the vodka connoisseurs out in Los Angeles. This vodka bar, opened by Jon Sidel and Sean MacPherson, has brought the current boom back into the Hollywood nightlife.

Only opened for a few months now, Bar Lubitsch has easily become the soul of L.A.’s Russian pocket that attracts film buffs and art geeks alike.Considering it’s located in West Hollywood, you would think it would be a bit snotty and have the clipboard Nazis out in full force. But no, this bar is very laid back and low key. Just your run-of-the-mill neighbourhood bar with no door man most nights (except Friday and Saturday), no cover and no table reservation.  If you want a table, be prepared to fight for one or just get your ass there early.  And people seem to love this concept as it’s packed every night. 

I have to say, Bar Lubitsch reminds me of the bars I use to frequent while living in Prague except  there’s no prostitutes trying to pickpocket my male friends and the drinks are not a dollar(shit, I wish). You can expect to pay $9-$25 for a drink. I’m sure your thinking that’s a bit steep for a drink, but its vodka.  Hell, its Russian vodka. That alone is worth the price. Even though this place is strictly all about drinks, if you get a bit famished and feel a need to have a bit more in your stomach then alcohol you consume, the bartenders will be more then happy to order pizza from Jones. Here a little tip, when it gets packed, the bartenders sometimes cut corners. So get there early to get a proper cocktail or you’ll end up paying a whole lot for a whole lot of nothing.




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