Dig This-Hellz Bellz

17 08 2007

Hellz Bellz

By Citi D.

I fell in love with Hellz Bellz at first glance in some random store on Melrose. I waltzed in, casually chatting with my two cohorts D and Brie, expecting to be bored with the merchandise. Seeing as though most “street-wear” designers cater to the male demographic, I was half-assing my way through the shelves until I saw HER. Bright bold colors, perfect fit for the female physique and…the graphics. OH, the graphics. This particular piece featured Minnie Mouse. No, not the one that’s overly-girly, submissive, and retardly-in-love with Mickey. This Minnie packed heat and was ready for war. SOLD.



Hellz Bellz is a lifestyle brand for women who “question authority and strive to push the envelope in the fashion game”. (www.cmonwealth.com) Under the creative direction of its founder, Lanie Alabanza, the line draws inspiration from edgy sources such as sex-ploitation flicks and rock music. Check out their site and peruse t-shirts and tanks depicting provocative and chaotic images. (www.hellz-bellz.com)






2 responses

30 12 2007

Where did Minnie T-shirt sell?
very cool!

18 03 2008


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