Jovovich-Hawk-Dig This

28 09 2007

By Citi D. 

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Depending on your personality, you could be totally bummed about this or deliriously happy. If you’re the former, I’m guessing that angry mobs of shoppers, gaudy and creepy decorations, and long lost relatives that you really wish would have stayed long-lost showing up at your house are not your idea of a good time. However, if your revel in carol-singing, gift-giving and my favorite, heavily spiked egg-nog, then bring on the turkey and fake snow.

 But here’s another reason to get into the holiday spirit. Great holiday-wear, hot enough to melt a New England winter. We’re not talking your grandma’s fugly Rudolph sweater with the nose that lights up. No-siree-Bob. Partake of the Holiday Collection of Jovovich-Hawk.

Jovovich? Name sounds familiar right? Actress/model Milla Jovovich along with best friend and also model Carmen Hawk started this elegant yet totally wearable line back in 2003. The response has been amazing, selling out within minutes of hitting Fred Segal. And with good reason: the collections are comfortable and beautiful, without being fussy. Instead of making its wearer look over-the-top a’la Paris Hilton, the result is alway polished and effortless-looking along the lines of Alicia Keys.

And for their Holiday Collection offerings, the same holds true. Chiffon, ruffles and bow run amuck in this label, but we promise you won’t end up looking like a Christmas tree. And here’s another stamp on their fashion passport: a capsule line of Jovovich-Hawk will be available at Target in Spring 2008. This collection’s got style.





Late Night Dining-L.A Style

27 09 2007


It’s, the bar you just stumbled out of is closed and your stomach is roaring like it’s the king of the jungle. Don’t you hate that? And Taco Hell or any other fast-food joint is not going to cut it. This is L.A, baby and the world is at your feet, well…late night eateries in this case. No matter if you want, burgers, Mexican, or chicken, all are good choices for predawn eating, and I for one, encourage it. Just don’t blame me when you start to gain pounds. Here’s a list of my fave late night eating-places around this lovely, lovely city.

2575 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90057

I love, love this place. It has great food, its open late, and best of all, it’s down the street from my place. (Ok, that last bit is just good for me) But are you really going to find a better burger for less than 3 buck or go looking for one? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

2. Fred 62
1850 N Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027

Hipster joint, good food, waitresses with attitude and a nice atmosphere. Would you expect anything less from the Eastside? This place is so popular that once the club is closed, run to Fred’s or you’ll be sober by the time you get seated.

3.Pink’s Hotdogs
709 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

This family owned shop is an icon here. I mean who doesn’t crave a chilidog after filling your belly with beer or rum? I know I do. I swear I only want hotdogs when I’m drunk. Cheap and filling, and that’s all you want at 3.a.m. And you never know what celeb you might see in line as well. After all this is where Bruce Willis proposed to Demi Moore. Classy joint it is.

8020 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

You think people would be looking kind of torn up after a big night out. Well they might be at some other place, but at Swingers, they look so good that you just want to eat them up. I go here when I want some eye candy to look at while waiting to feed the hunger.

5.Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles
1518 North Gower Street
Hollywood, CA 90028-6422

This soul food place is one of Hollywood’s guilty pleasures. I know it seems like a strange combination; chicken and waffles, but don’t knock it till you try it. Once is all it takes to draw you in. A little tip-invest in Wet Ones.

All You Need is Love

27 09 2007

I don’t know about you, but I love the Beatles. I’m sure I’m not the only one. That’s why I had to mention “The Beatles Art Explosion,” thrown by Bagavagabonds. If you haven’t been to one of their parties, then you don’t know what you’re missing. They’re loads of fun. Sometimes, it’s just nice to get away from the Hollywood bar scene, if you know what I mean. Bring cash because every piece is under $50 and a portion of the proceeds goes to For the Arts Charity. So spend , spend, spend. Don’t forget to have a few free drinks compliments of Red Bull, get a t-shirt, snap a few drunken photos for the scrap book, and best of all, sing-a-long to your favorite Beatles tunes.. Oh yeah it’s free.


Friday, Sept 28th
The Grand Ballroom at the Pacific Electric Lofts
610 S. Main St, LA, CA 90014

Filter Magazine and Dim Mak Present….

25 09 2007

FILTER Magazine and Dim Mak invite you Party @ Penguin

A Fucking good party, that’s what’s up. With the combined effort of Dim Mak and Filter, you know this party is going to be off the chain. It’s a bit early(7:30-10:30), but after all it’s a school night for ya’ll who has to get up early(Not me, suckers). It’s a nice way to get some free drinks, a swag bag, and then take your ass to bed. If you show up late, you can still have fun. Deadly Syndrome will be rocking the party good and hard. Just get there early because you know it’s going to be mad crowded and there’s nothing worst then being denied. For once I won’t be going to a party for drinks, I want the swag. I love swag. I will fight people for some free shit. Just RSVP @

Yay I’m back

24 09 2007

After a much needed rest and detox, I am back…better than ever to give all my fellow booze hounds tips on how to get their drink on for free. Can I get an AMENto free booze? Thanks ya. So, since I’m back, ya’ll fools better come back or you’ll be missing out on all the shit I have planned to tell ya. All  I can say is  there is a cool party with free booze and swag bag. Check it out on the  Wednesday roll call for details.

M.O.B (Most Official Bitches)-Dig This

21 09 2007

Sounds like the title of my forth-coming memoir.


Remember my semi-rant about the lack of hot “streetwear” available for women? No? Well, do a search for Hellz Bellz, and get familiar. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.


Okay, ready? I’ve got another favorite that I want ya’ll to dig into. It’s called M.O.B., and like Hellz Bellz, I fell in love with it the last time I was in L.A.

Wondering about the name? So was I. It turns out that “Most Official Bitches”, is the founder’s (Leah…what up!!??) tribute to her loyal crew of…you got it…most official bitches. The chicks in her life that had her back through all of life’s ups and downs. Now if that doesn’t make you cry, the clothes will. According to the M.O.B. website (, the inspiration behind the clothes stem from the streets of New York and its clubs, secret hang-out spots and smoke-filled parties, making MOB equal parts chic, smart-mouthed, and definitely not-to-be-messed with. The clothes definitely come across as having major attitude, with some hipster appeal to it. Sounds like your normal Citizen reader, right? Told you. So, dig.

-Citi D.


We’re off to see the Wizard…

17 09 2007

..the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Well, not really. But the LA Edition is taking a week-long vacation to regroup and refocus. Don’t worry, we’ll be back next Monday supplying you with hot shit. Don’t get your panties all in a wad.


Scotch anyone

12 09 2007

Here is a little something, something that got sent my way. I’m not much of a scotch drinker, but I’m a fan of anything free. Sorry, but I’m a poor writer who doesn’t get paid for most of her jobs.

Seven Grand

Scotch Tasting

Greetings! Please be our guest…

Your invited to an evening of education and spirits with

Simon Brooking noted scotch expert tasting

Dalmore & Laphroig Single Malts

Wednesday at 5:30

In The Jackalop Room


Seven Grand

Seven Grand Scotch Tasting

Event Info
515 West Seventh Street, 2nd FloorLos Angeles, CA 90014
Jackalope RoomWed, September 12th @ 5:30PM


Simon BrookingBorn in Edinburgh, Scotland, and a member of the Robertson Clan, Simon traces his roots back to the 13th Century and the Celtic Earls of Atholl. A well-known expert on Scotch Whisky, Simon has worked for a number of leading Scotch distilleries, learning the art and science of distilling from the world’s foremost master distillers and blenders.


Mon 9/17 (10PM) at Beauty Bar 1638 N Cahuenga , Los Angeles, CA United Tradeshow hosts the PB&J afterparty with fashion, art and great DJ’s – but RSVP early, cause Beauty Bar is sure to fill up fast.

Fix Up at Beauty Bar

Monday September 17th

Official Peter Bjorn and John Afterparty

Come hang out with the band after the show!


Young Americans


Bathing Suits available from Tiffe Fermaint

Photos by Shadowscene

Video by Viral Vector Media

Cost: FREE!

Mon 9/10 – Sun 1/10/10 (12PM) at Fairfax Cinemas–Los Angeles, CA 7907 Beverly Blvd , Los Angeles, CA

I know  this has nothing  to do with drinking, But sometimes you just want to chill and watch a movie. But with prices being so damn high, You’d rather not. But at the  Fairfax Cinemas, you can watch  the latest (well it’s been out a few months but hey, who’s complaining?) at as little as $3-$6. Yay!! And you know what that means. You have some change left over for some food and now you don’t have to sneak anything in.

“Up Yours” Thursdays at Seven

7929 Santa Monica Blvd. , West Hollywood, CA

We bring you “Up Yours” thursdays at Seven. A place to dance and socialize with friends without the uptight velvet rope scene in Los Angeles. Everyone is someone at Up Yours. Make sure you RSVP for admission.

“Up Yours” is a night brought to you by Two Left Feet Productions.

It is every Thursday at Seven Nightclub in Los Angeles.

This event is sponsored by: G-Star Raw Los Angeles

Opening Night: Resident DJ Ninel

and Special Guest: Gomez Warren IV

Halfway to St. Paddy’s Day Party

Sun 9/16 (8PM) at Patrick Molloy’s 50A Pier Ave , Hermosa Beach, CA

God bless the Irish and their need to drink. They are my heros.

Sunday Bowling and Drinking Club

Cheap Drinks, Free Entry / 9P

All Star Lanes
4459 Eagle Rock Blvd.,
Eagle Rock



The Bagavagabonds Bohemian Circus III.

Friday, August 10th at the Epoxybox. 602 Venice Blvd. 90291

FREE DRINKS! compliments of Dewar’s Scotch!
doors at 7, show at 8. $12 bucks (cash)* at the door.

*Remember a portion of the proceeds for this event goes to benefit the “For the Arts” charity. They are beautiful, generous people, and  are honored to help them keep art programs in public schools. learn more at

Looking for a Mystery

12 09 2007

What’s a better way to spend your Hump Day then drinking good, cheap beer with a little mystery? Well head to Good Microbrew and Grill in Silverlake. You get unidentified beer for 3 bucks. I mean if you really want to know the name, you can always ask the bartenders, but why ruin the fun? I’ve been there several times and it’s a chill place.I mean if you truly are a beer drinker, you will have no problem in the guessing game. It’s a no-brainer, but then again it’s all fun and games. The party runs from 6-10 pm every Wednesday night.

Good Microbrew and Grill

Neighborhood: Silver Lake
3725 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Bar with No Name

10 09 2007

Well party peeps, I hope ya’ll had a good time partying like a rock star over the weekend. I know I did. I had a friend from London come over so I took her to my fave drinking hole.  It’s the bar in the farmer’s market at the Grove @ 3rd st and Fairfax. This place is great. The booze is cheap and hey, if you get bored, go to a movie.  This place (which has no name  that I know of),  is easy to find. You can watch your sports (Yay!Football is back, Go Saints) and drink a pitcher of beer for 10 bucks. Sounds nice.  If you’re by yourself , you can still get a tall can for  $3.50.  I love this place. I always seem to run into great people. Just don’t go spreading the word around, we don’t want this place  to be overrun.