Shh It’s a secret…

4 09 2007

….to the world of party people in Los Angeles. I have 2 major parties that are going to be off the chain tomorrow. What a way to get your hump day going. As you know, the MTV Music awards are going on this weekend in Vegas. So you know L.A is having some parties. Well this one’s a big one. The Gossip Gangster, Perez Hilton himself is hosting a fab party for URB Magazine. Fab Moretti from The Strokes will be performing, as will B.E.E.R featuring Har Mar Superstar and DJ Timothy from OK Go. So make sure you RSVP to get on the list because this party is happening in a secret location. So do it NOW.

If you can’t get in that party then head down.. downtown that is, to Seven Grand for their Barn Burner. There’s no better way to get over that bitterness of not getting in the Perez party then whiskey. Bottles down.

Starts at 8pm but you know the drill, get there early fool or you will be 2 for 2 and out on your ass.


Seven Grand
515 W 7th Street, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, California 90014

(213) 817-5321



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