Happy Halloween

31 10 2007


Yay, the day is finally here and I can’t way for it to be over. You might have notice, I’m not too big on Halloween these days.. It’s a kids holiday. And If I’m not getting no candy, then, I’m not dressing up . As for the parties that require you to dress up in order to get free booze, I can do that anyday. I sure there are others who feel like me so here some other options you can do without dressing up. No matter what you do, have a safe and happy halloween.

Anti-Costume Halloween Party
Tonight at Life: 6311 Wilshire Blvd, Mid-Wilshire; 323.651.5433
Life is having a party and they’ll be giving out free drinks at midnight to costume-less guests.

The party’s free, but RSVP at lifeonwilshire@att.net

You can also roll you ass to the movies and watch a few scary classic on the big screen.

The Omen at Aero Theatre:

7:30pm. $10. The Aero Theatre, 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica.

Psycho at the Arclight

FREE screening of this classic a the Arclight. Tickets can be picked up after 5pm, October 31 at the AFI FEST Box Office located on the 7th floor, Rooftop Village of the ArcLight parking garage.

8pm. Free. The Arclight, 6360 W Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D at El Capitan:

There nothing says Halloween like a cutsy sing-a-long.

11:30 screening

11:30pm. $13-$22. 6838 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood.

What you doing on the 31st?

30 10 2007

Ok, you have one day left to make a costume and get your shit together. Not invited to any party by your so-called friends? Or maybe they party you wanted to go to was sold out? No worries, you can make some new ones at these fun bar parties all around town. As for me, I’m too lazy to get my act together, so I’m just going to get my ass some vodka, give out candy to the kids and make my own hellish nightmares. I might even throw on Thriller for that scary effect.

Halloween Street Festivals

West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival
October 31st: 6 p.m.-till your ass get tired
Price: Free
Event Phone Number: 310-289-2525
Santa Monica Blvd & N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

At this event anything goes. The carnival will have three stages of live entertainment and is known for its costume contest. The contest begins at 10 p.m. at Santa Monica at La Peer Dr., and a secret crew handing out magic bracelets from 6 p.m.-10 p.m will choose contestants. First prize is $1,000; second is $500; and third is $500. . Pull no punches when it comes to your costume because you might just be able to win yourself the rent money you so desperately need.

Hollywood Halloween Street Fair
October 31st : 10 p.m. – 12 a.m.
Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Just random folks gathering on the streets for a little Halloween cheer. Just an old fashion street party like when you were a kid.

BigFoot Lounge Halloween Soiree
8pm- 2pm.
cheap booze

3172 Los Feliz Blvd.,
(323) 662-9227

I see Hello Kitty, Run





Citizen Crave-Sidekick Slide

30 10 2007

Yep, we’re digging the Slide way more than the LX over here at Citizen.

(Dee you don’t count, you tried to hold onto that SK2 for years)


Why? Oh, let me count the ways. Smaller, slimmer, sexier. And we’ll gladly trade not having a camera with a flash, for a better color and design.



Here’s some specs:

  • Smaller design with slide screen and QWERTY keyboard

  • Available in a black finish with deep purple accents

  • Web browser enhancements and improved JavaScript support

  • Customized MySpace Mobile application available through the Download Catalog

  • Personal email access and integrated t-mail account; supports POP3, IMAP FETCH email protocols

  • Built-in IM clients: AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger

  • Integrated 1.3-megapixel camera

  • Built-in music player that supports MP3 and AAC (requires memory card)

  • Get your own (when they become available in a few days) at Tmobile.



    And for those of you that aren’t completely addicted (*Gasp*!!) to your sidekicks, here are a few ways to get the most our of your device.

     Find new tricks and techniques, meet other people with sidekicks, or just shoot the shit @ Powered By Danger.

    Join a Google Group specialized for the ‘Kick and chat all day/night long.

    Curse out an AIM bot. (SmarterChild is the funniest)

    Any other suggestions? Leave it in the comments!

    Metromix Halloween Party-Get your ass on the list!!

    30 10 2007

    halloween at the standard downtown

    I know all you party people are trying to figure out what you’re going to be for Halloween. Well, put those glue guns aways and RSVP for the Metromix Halloween Party at the Standard Hotel downtown. Due to overwhelming responses,( I heard it’s in the thousands) the guestlist will be shutting down tonight.

    RSVPs should be directed to METROMIX@DANCERIGHT.NET. Arrive early as we will definitely reach capactiy at this awesome event! Also Just because your on the guest list dosen’t mean you will get in. I been to a Metromix party, they are fun as shit. So to make sure you get in, arrive at like 6pm. It will be well worth the wait once you are shaking your ass on the rooftop. Beside you can look at all the crazy people walking by and this time it won’t be the homeless.

     After you’re done RSVPing, you can get back to your um.. costume making.

    Noshi Sushi

    26 10 2007


    If you’ve ever wondered how decent sushi is supposed to taste like, then go to Noshi Sushi. This is one of the only no-gimmick sushi places I know in Southern California. If you’re like me, you want raw fish. Cool, fresh, buttery slabs of sushi. And you’d like it somewhere where you can relax and spend a couple of hours. Not some uptight joint that serves the same dam thing, but the prices are doubled and the vibe is off.

    Well Noshi is the place for you. They serve sushi how it’s served in Japan with a simple menu with simple dishes. You won’t find Rainbow Rolls, Manhattan Beach Rolls, or other multicolored American born sushi here, but the spicy tuna rolls or the scallop rolls are just as nice. There are a lot of other yummy dishes that you can try as well. For starters, there’s miso soup and dynamite, a baked scallop mixture with mayonnaise. Fish dishes include yellowtail belly and smoked salmon. As a sushi alternative, chicken teriyaki is served with iceberg lettuce and French dressing.

    The prices are CRAZY LOW too. The most expensive item on the menu is $10.. When I went there with my friends, we ordered a few dishes and a few beers and the bill came out no more the $35. It’s so cheap compared to other sushi bars in the Los Angeles area.

    Get there early beacuse the parking lot fills up fast and then you have to find off- street parking which, as everyone knows, is a pain in the ass. Another negative thing about this place is the wait. This place is small, so it get’s packed and busy fast. You might want to choose somebody to get there early to sign ya’ll names up or bring a snack in case you get hungry.

    I had only one bad experience since I’ve been going to Noshi. One time, my friends and I had been waiting over 30 minutes. While we were waiting, the hostess was letting her friends go ahead of everyone. I went up to her to tell her what she was doing was wrong and I didn’t even raise my voice. Soon after, she lead us to a table. Sometimes it pays to be polite and not act a fool.

    Besides those little tidbits, Noshi Sushi is one of my fave place to go out to eat (when my broke ass has money). Oh , don’t forget to get some sake or a $3 Asahi because what’s sushi without a nice beer or sake to wash it down.

    Noshi Sushi
    4430 Beverly Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90004-1802
    Phone: (323) 469-3458

    Cross Street:
    Hobart Boulevard

    Tue-Sun 11:30am-9pm

    Pre-Halloween Fun

    24 10 2007

    Yay it’s almost Halloween time again. So grab your mom’s best linen or head to the closest thrift store to get something to make your ass look fly. Not into dressing up like a fool? Well there’s stuff for your ass too.

    A Short Stop To AwesomeTown 10/24



    Detriot Bar 10/27

    Leave the kids at home, This is a grown-up party. So get to monster mashing all night long to some scary beats.


    Standard Monday

    Pre- Halloween bash

    Time to get freaky in the Purple lounge. Scary fun I bet

    8300 Sunset BLvd

    Rsvp @ membership@wearetheprofessionals.com

    Whiskey Blue at the W Hotel
    W Hotel
    930 Hilgard

    Party sponser by Corzo Tequila


    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31 at 5:30pm

    Hollywood Forever Cemetery
    6000 Santa Monica Boulevard
    Los Angeles, California 90038

    Cinespia’s is showing a special screening of “The Shining.” You’ll be saying Redrum, Redum in no time.

    “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” at Backyard Cinema Sundays 10/28

    W Hotel Los Angeles

    930 Hilgard Ave
    Los Angeles, California 90001

    Spend a sunday afternoon layin’ around sampling food from the Backyard, the W Hotel’s poolside cabana/restaurant.




    Diá de los Muertos at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

    Hollywood Forever Cemetery


    6000 Santa Monica Blvd

    Los Angeles, CA 90038


    10/28 4pm- 11pm

    Celebrate the Day of the Dead with musical performances, dance, the traditional procession, live music and tasty Mexican dishes to make you happy that you’re still alive .. for now.

    Black N Bling : The Gallery – Photography by kyLA

    Sat 10/27 (8PM) at Melrose Lightspace 7600 Melrose Ave , Los Angeles, CA


    Hotel Room MC Battles

    Fri 10/26 (10PM) at Hotel Room 366 E. 2nd Street , Los Angeles, CA

    All you sucker MCs will love this shit




    Who in LaLA land doesn’t want to be famous?



    8th Annual Festival De La Gente Street Festival

    Sat 10/27 – Sun 10/28 (11AM) at 6th Street Bridge 6th Street Bridge 

     Los Angeles, CA


    Drink For a Charity


    Halloween” 4 & 5: One-Night-Only Screening!

    Tue 10/30 (7:30PM) at AMC Century 15 Theatres 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard , Los Angeles, CA (Map)

    For 10 bucks you get to see both of these scary flicks, as well as a new documentary featuring interviews with the cast and crew.

    Other screening locations include Promenade 16 in Woodland Hills, Long Beach Stadium 26 in Long Beach, Downtown Disney 12 in Anaheim and Irvine Spectrum 21 in Irvine.

    Cost: $10

    Official Site: http://www.fathomevents.com/details….


    Psychotonic Ghoul’s Night Out!


    10PM-2AM / 21 & OVER / NO COVER
    * FREE! FREE! FREE! *
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    3172 Los Feliz Blvd.
    Los Angeles, 90039
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    The image “https://i2.wp.com/static.going.com/thumbnails/28f/xy1024_user_20071021_231222_0.79860700.jpeg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    Don’t be that dumbass who is not dressed up. Follow the group ya’ll.
    John Pabulum_the social (rome, italy) : Nate Heaven_conscious groove : Tri_thenightshift

    Denim Slinger_paul frank/scion : C-TOWN_djctown.com : Sonic Dread_crucial + special guest
    zombiefied beauty pagent queens by Hairroin Salon http://www.hairroinsalon.com/

    disturbing but sexy visuals by Artificial Army http://www.artificialarmy.com/

    ghoulishly arousing photos by Fever Dragon http://feverdragon.com/

    RSVPs will have priority entry over all walkups.
    The Mountain Bar
    9pm to 2am


    473 Gin Ling Way
    Chinatown – Los Angeles

    Cost: free.99

    Official Site: http://www.myspace.com/robotsandangels

    DRKM Gallery
    “Seeing Things” – ghostly polaroids

    Drkrm Gallery is hosting a ghostly pre-photoshop photography that features the now-famous whitish, supernatural blurs that will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. You won’t be seeing any dead people, but most certainly you well see a few drunken ones.

    Tyler’s Big A** Halloween Bash (Neighborhood Style)
    Neighborhood: East Hollywood
    1516 N. Normandie Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90027

    No cover free booze


    Chill out with artsy types for this “hood” style party just like you use to go to as a kid. Enjoy free beer until your bladder explodes as The Front and the Nightmare, scare, I mean rock the pants off you. There’s nothing better then drinking on someone else’s dime and not having  to wear a lame costume. I don’t know who this Tyler kid is but I love him already.


    Excuse me miss, I’m on the list.

    23 10 2007


    Metromix is throwing cool ass party tomorrow at the famous Viper Room. Ya’ll know the history of that place. If you don’t, you must have been living under a gutter. The good thing about this party is it’s free. But you have to RSVP by noon tomorrow or your ass will be left on the cold hard streets of Hollyhood like some street punk. Moving Units (Paul V. from indie 103.1 FM and Scott T. Sterling from Metromix) will be spinning the beats so you can shake your groove thang all night long. Don’t worry your pretty little drunken head off because there will be COMPLIMENTARY BEVERAGES PROVIDED BY V2 VODKA AND TIGER BEER. I’m sure ya’ll are happy about that. Shadowscene will be capturing all your fun antics and incriminating acts of foolery. So be on your best behavior or have it all over the net. 

    10:00 p – 2 a
    Viper Room

    8852 Sunset Blvd.
    West Hollywood, CA

    RSVP by October 23rd at noon to rsvpla@metromix.com

    Christian Audigier-Dig This

    19 10 2007

    Aight, check it out. The kid is running on fumes right about now. So many events, so much crap happening, so many fine men jockeying for my time. But instead of bailing out of ya’ll like I did last week…I’m just gonna feature a line that needs little introduction. And I’ll let the graphics speak for it. With that..I’m gone.

    Oh, and if you’ve been living under a rock: Christian Audigier is the luxury spin-off of Ed Hardy. Get familiar.






    Seven Grand-Check it out

    18 10 2007


    Using a bit of Irish slang I know, Seven Grand is “fecking grand.” As the latest venture by the 213 group head up by Cedd Moses (Golden Gopher, Broadway Bar), it’s a hot new addition to the downtown scene. With it’s low-key, but upscale sportsman lodge vibe, Seven Grand is a bar where people come to have an enjoyable cocktail experience in a fashionable environment. Located on Seven St. near Grand Avenue, this trendy bar can be hard to locate. So it would be advisable to have the full address to avoid getting lost.

    Deck out in taxidermy and plaid prints, you can’t help but think of the creepiness the décor gives out. There are jackalopes and stag heads mounted to the wall. Combined with the red wallpaper, one would think that they happened upon a hunting scene gone a stray instead of a bar. But the décor is what makes this bar stand out. How many other bars like this have you been to? Not too many I guess?

    Load with pool tables scattered around and a jukebox, expect to find hip downtown dwellers schooling one another in games of pool or tapping their feet to the jukebox. If you need a smoke break, don’t worry about having to leave the bar. Just wander out to the awesome smoke deck overlooking the city and puff away. Perhaps you might be inclined to try a cigar. Well you can get that at the bar as well. There’s no better combination then whiskey and a cigar to make you feel like a high roller.

    The theme of the bar sure knocks you over the head, but it’s the whiskey that has palettes watering. Whiskey lovers will think they are in hog heaven as Seven Grand has the largest selection of the premium pours in the western United States. This bar serves more than 200 kinds of the amber stuff, from bourbon to scotch to Japanese whiskey, and the bottles are beautifully displayed on antique dark wood shelves as if they were library books ready to be ingested. For the non-whiskey drinkers, there’s also a huge selection of beer served from a Nitrogenator NX, a high-tech system that regulates temperature, nitrogen and oxygen for that perfect pour. If neither beer nor whiskey is too your liking, there are plenty of other cocktails to be had. Ask the bartenders for advice because they’re very knowledgeable as well as capable of making a damn good drink. Mixed drinks can range from $7 to $10 or more. The prices for whiskey are even more. There are some cheap ones for $7, but expect to pay up to $39 for Johnny Walker Blue or $120 for a 20 year whiskey. Refrain from telling the waitress you want a pour of the bar’s best whiskey. If you do, they might have to call an ambulance to deal with the aftermath of you seeing your tab.

    It’s pretty empty in the early evening, but by 9pm, the placed is packed. With, no dress code or cover charge, people are flocking to this bar. Your only worry now is how much money you’re willing to spend on whiskey.

    Party, Party, Party

    18 10 2007

    I know it’s a little late, but I’m tired. I’ve been working my pretty little fingers to the bone. But I didn’t forget about ya’ll, my pretties. I have plenty of fun things for ya’ll to pick and choose. As for me, I’m going to get my drinks and my two step and it’s on, on and I’m going to break out the Patron.. or the wine.

    MAD MONSTER PARTY This Gorilla Thursday



    And last chance to get your own little monster from Joshua Roman’s Blood Sweat and Fears show. Get you a little pre-Halloween monster mash on while sipping onn cocktail watching old cult films.

    Ghettogloss Gallery
    2380 Glendale Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (Cross St: Silverlake Blvd.)
    323 912 0008 ph



    Oh there’s nothing better then a store opening. I hope there will be some swag


    – Complimentary cocktails by Tito’s Vodka
    – DJ sets by False Future & C-TOWN
    – Surprise giveaways & raffle

    Thursday October 18th, 7-11pm

    MAS Boutique
    3511 1/2 Sunset Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

    La Cita Fool! It time for Dance Right.


    Sunday October 21st: Hollywood, CA: Banana Split Sundaes w/ DJ AM

    Don’t split your pants trying to bust out the latest dances.



    FRIDAY October 19th
    Fashion Show by the ever Fabulous Brian Lictenberg
    More Details TBA


    Ya’ll Know you love Him!!!



    O0h Fashion and Music