Sean John Women’s-Dig This

5 10 2007

Sometimes you just need to step back and reevaluate. It happens to the best of us. Shit, it happened to Diddy himself.

 Remember those Sean John ads with Penelope Cruz and Diddy flouncing around exotic locales a few years ago? Did you cock your head to the side, wondering what the hell Penelope had to do with anything related to the “urban” fashion world? The clothing line most associated with (*shudder*) velour sweatsuits was trying to get all siddity on us.

Straighten those necks back up, folks. Puffy/P.Diddy/Diddy is back with the relaunch of his Sean John Women’s line. This time, it makes a bit more sense. He’s replaced Penelope with Lauren London (my girl crush of the moment), Cassie (what else does she have to do..sing?? Pftt!) and that one chick that is supposedly the newest Pussycat Doll, yet she’s never at any of the performances. The clothes have a much more youthful appearance, so its obvious that Diddy is going for the Baby Phat/Luxurie generation. Check out some of the merchandise. He could have kept the cropped sweatsuits (seriously, who wears those…the top has long sleeves AND a hood, and you completely left out the material to cover the belly? How asinine.), but I am digging the high-waisted pants Cassie is rocking.




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