Seven Grand-Check it out

18 10 2007


Using a bit of Irish slang I know, Seven Grand is “fecking grand.” As the latest venture by the 213 group head up by Cedd Moses (Golden Gopher, Broadway Bar), it’s a hot new addition to the downtown scene. With it’s low-key, but upscale sportsman lodge vibe, Seven Grand is a bar where people come to have an enjoyable cocktail experience in a fashionable environment. Located on Seven St. near Grand Avenue, this trendy bar can be hard to locate. So it would be advisable to have the full address to avoid getting lost.

Deck out in taxidermy and plaid prints, you can’t help but think of the creepiness the décor gives out. There are jackalopes and stag heads mounted to the wall. Combined with the red wallpaper, one would think that they happened upon a hunting scene gone a stray instead of a bar. But the décor is what makes this bar stand out. How many other bars like this have you been to? Not too many I guess?

Load with pool tables scattered around and a jukebox, expect to find hip downtown dwellers schooling one another in games of pool or tapping their feet to the jukebox. If you need a smoke break, don’t worry about having to leave the bar. Just wander out to the awesome smoke deck overlooking the city and puff away. Perhaps you might be inclined to try a cigar. Well you can get that at the bar as well. There’s no better combination then whiskey and a cigar to make you feel like a high roller.

The theme of the bar sure knocks you over the head, but it’s the whiskey that has palettes watering. Whiskey lovers will think they are in hog heaven as Seven Grand has the largest selection of the premium pours in the western United States. This bar serves more than 200 kinds of the amber stuff, from bourbon to scotch to Japanese whiskey, and the bottles are beautifully displayed on antique dark wood shelves as if they were library books ready to be ingested. For the non-whiskey drinkers, there’s also a huge selection of beer served from a Nitrogenator NX, a high-tech system that regulates temperature, nitrogen and oxygen for that perfect pour. If neither beer nor whiskey is too your liking, there are plenty of other cocktails to be had. Ask the bartenders for advice because they’re very knowledgeable as well as capable of making a damn good drink. Mixed drinks can range from $7 to $10 or more. The prices for whiskey are even more. There are some cheap ones for $7, but expect to pay up to $39 for Johnny Walker Blue or $120 for a 20 year whiskey. Refrain from telling the waitress you want a pour of the bar’s best whiskey. If you do, they might have to call an ambulance to deal with the aftermath of you seeing your tab.

It’s pretty empty in the early evening, but by 9pm, the placed is packed. With, no dress code or cover charge, people are flocking to this bar. Your only worry now is how much money you’re willing to spend on whiskey.



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