Excuse me miss, I’m on the list.

23 10 2007


Metromix is throwing cool ass party tomorrow at the famous Viper Room. Ya’ll know the history of that place. If you don’t, you must have been living under a gutter. The good thing about this party is it’s free. But you have to RSVP by noon tomorrow or your ass will be left on the cold hard streets of Hollyhood like some street punk. Moving Units (Paul V. from indie 103.1 FM and Scott T. Sterling from Metromix) will be spinning the beats so you can shake your groove thang all night long. Don’t worry your pretty little drunken head off because there will be COMPLIMENTARY BEVERAGES PROVIDED BY V2 VODKA AND TIGER BEER. I’m sure ya’ll are happy about that. Shadowscene will be capturing all your fun antics and incriminating acts of foolery. So be on your best behavior or have it all over the net. 

10:00 p – 2 a
Viper Room

8852 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA

RSVP by October 23rd at noon to rsvpla@metromix.com



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