Metromix Halloween Party-Get your ass on the list!!

30 10 2007

halloween at the standard downtown

I know all you party people are trying to figure out what you’re going to be for Halloween. Well, put those glue guns aways and RSVP for the Metromix Halloween Party at the Standard Hotel downtown. Due to overwhelming responses,( I heard it’s in the thousands) the guestlist will be shutting down tonight.

RSVPs should be directed to METROMIX@DANCERIGHT.NET. Arrive early as we will definitely reach capactiy at this awesome event! Also Just because your on the guest list dosen’t mean you will get in. I been to a Metromix party, they are fun as shit. So to make sure you get in, arrive at like 6pm. It will be well worth the wait once you are shaking your ass on the rooftop. Beside you can look at all the crazy people walking by and this time it won’t be the homeless.

 After you’re done RSVPing, you can get back to your um.. costume making.



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