Dig This-Jainesse Denim

2 11 2007


 By Citi D.

All denim isn’t created equal. Sorry, but you have to face facts.


Some are more “premium” than others; some are more versatile than the rest.

Everybody has a pair (or ten) of jeans, that they HAD to have, but only ended up wearing once or twice.


And if you dig deeper into your closet (also know as Fashion Purgatory), you’ll find those lonely and expensive jeans that don’t mesh with a damned thing in your wardrobe. Might as well give them to Goodwill, and let some 89 year old blue-haired grandmother strut around in last season’s fashion mistake.


But we’re not here to make fun of your choices (okay, maybe just a little), we’re here to help the masses.

By introducing you to Jainesse Denim.



(Miss. BadAss Kelis is on it)

From the styles to the materials, everything about this line screams “top shelf of your boudoir”.

 Sexy silhouettes, high class fabrics, and double-take worthy designs will have you clamoring for the entire collection.


Check it out for yourself, because your old ill-fitting jeans are waiting to be replaced.  And that butt-naked granny is getting impatient.

Janiesse Denim’s Myspace






Wanna know where to cop? Here’s just a FEW listings, check the myspace for a more extensive run-down:












Los Angeles




Washington, D.C.

Stella Blu

HoneyComb Hide-Out



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