Kova & T-Dig This

12 11 2007

What happened to the good ‘ol days?

When things were much more simple, more pure.

Specifically, why can’t I find a pair of great jeans without a huge, tacky logo emblazoned across the ass? Or a an outfit that doesn’t make me look like a moving billboard for whomever’s clothes I’m wearing that day?

Personal style should be about individual expression, not logos and price tags.

Enter Kova & T.

Your new best friends.

Why? Because their collection of simplistic wares allows you to be you.

The fashionable side, at least.

“Style is usually intangible often inimitable. Picture the most stylish girl you know. You don’t admire her for her blatantly designer items or for her head-to-toe perfection, but rather for something you can’t quite place your finger on. She might have dirty hair but carry a Chanel purse, or rock a couture dress with beat-up Nikes. Every piece she wears is a part of her sensibility, and no item calls so much attention to itself as to take away from the whole picture. That symphony of contrasts is a marker of true style. “
“With this notion in mind, Kova & T was established as a rebuttal to the over-stylized jean brands prevalent in today’s market. Foregoing the bells and whistles of excessive stitching, whiskering, and fading, these jeans serve as staple items, complementing any wardrobe and style of dress. There is no visible branding, only the faintest subtle embroidery on the side seams that blend naturally.  The jeans are offered in the highest quality Japanese denim and retain their shape even after multiple washes. Kova & T is meant to do two things that other jean lines have long forgotten in their pursuit of grommets and appliqués: high-quality and flattering fit. Nothing detracts from a women’s look more than ill-fitting clothing, so the pair set out to design denim (and clothing) that they themselves would wear. “

 (From www.kovaandt.com)

Perfect fitting T’s, curve-hugging jeans, demure yet sassy dresses; Kova & T is definitely making a statement.

YOUR statement.


Move over Justin, they’re bringing simple back. And damn, if it ain’t sexy.

To find out more about the Kova & T collection, and information on where to buy, check out their website and MySpace.










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