Akomplice Clothing-Dig This

16 11 2007


Art imitates Life.

Or maybe Life imitates Art.


Shit, what about ART imitating ART?

It’s easy to be inspired by the wealth of culture in the world.

There’s no end to music, philosophy, politics, current and social events.

 But it’s NOT always easy to interpret this inspiration into some dope art of your own.

CITIZEN came across a clothing line that captures multiple facets of life, while staying true to their own medium: FASHION.

Akomplice Clothing hails from the unlikely location of Carbondale, Colorado.

But like the saying goes, “it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.”

Ill graphics, clever wordplay, bold statements. Akomplice gets their message across while you get to keep your status as the flyest person in the room.

Their 7th seasons drops Black Friday (November 23rd).

So make sure to have your nearest Akomplice retailer on your hit list…somewhere between Best Buy for a new big screen TV and Target for Ma Duke’s X-mas present.





For more info on where to buy:


P.S.: Ladies, be on the lookout for a full women’s line. They haven’t forgotten about us.

 Check out this nifty little trailer:



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