Style Wars

26 11 2007


Long before the world had heard Tim Gunn tell designers “to make it work” on Project Runway, New York fashion artist, House of Diehl created Instant Couture. Now with that success, House of Diehl is ushering in the next generation of Instant Couture designers with STYLE WARS, where fast and furious creative peeps compete to create their own one of a kind couture out of anything they can lay their pretty hands on. This battle is coming to L.A. and taking place at that hipster headquarter Cinespace. Come out and watch this mash up of fashion, music, and art battle that is created in minutes – live, on stage — using the audience as the models, everyone as designers, and recycled-anything as material. 8 contenders go head to head to create fast fashion live for the title of Los Angeles Style Battle Champion, and $1000 in cash and prizes! Jody Watley and House of Diehl provide the battle hymn, I mean the music. Glad to know Mrs. Watley is still getting jobs. So before you go, make sure to grab your helmets because it looks like it might get messy. And who can blame them, for 1000 bucks, I’d fight my mama.

Style Wars


6335 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028

$ 7

November 27, 7pm-10pm



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