WTF! It’s only Wednesday-Bring Me A F*cking Drink

29 11 2007

<>I don’t know about ya’ll fools, but I’m pooped and it’s only HumpDay. I need to take a day off and get my drink on. I’ve been negelecting that part of my life for the last couple of days. I also need money, but that another story. So it’s Wednesday, and ya’ll know what the deal is. Here is a sweet list of places to socialize with your peeps and have a few drinks….or five. If you see a crazy black chick at one of these then, Hook agirl up with a drink!!!


Tank Magazine Party

Free Vale, Open bar and food / 7PM – 11PM
Smart House

1319 Abbot Kenny Blvd







FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30 from 8pm-11pm

Stoli Hotel Party

Garden of Eden
7080 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90028

click here to RSVP




    Awesometown 1 Year Hoo-Haa!

$3 Dewars All Night Long, Free Champagne-10PM -2am












































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