Repeal Day-Celebrate Your right To Drink

5 12 2007


If you don’t know what today is then you need to be slapped. It’s the most important day in a drinker’s life- Repeal Day. What is Repeal day you ask? It’s the Repeal of Prohibition. Those day of gangsters bootleg booze, and loose women are long gone. (Whom am I kidding; there will always be loose women). Thanks in part to that bill; you can now drink without the po po busting up the joint. So in honor of this act, Dewars has created a national Holiday and is sponsoring parties throughout the L.A area with free or cheap drink specials. So let down that hair, lose your inhibitions and party against prohibition. After all it’s your duty to do so, people died for this right. Ok, they didn’t die, but I’m sure a few went to jail for a bit.

Bars participating In Repeal Day:

3 of Clubs

The Dresden Room,

The Derby,

R Bar,

Safari Sam’s,


Ye Rustic Inn,

The Golden Gopher

Saints and Sinner

Today- 9pm-2am



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