Gen Art’s Shop By Design:Recap

12 12 2007


Last night, I was able to make it to Gen Arts’s Shop by Design and it was a fucking blast! Not only did I get to buy something for the No. 1 Person on my Xmas list- Me, but there was great food and free drinks. I was also able to get a makeover from the makeup line No.7 from Boots. And I have to admit, I looked fly. There was swag, so you know I was a happy gal since I’m a swag whore. I may just have to invest in a Gen Art Membership, so I can go to all their events.


Where I spent most of my night- By the boozes.

I love me some Johnnie Walker.


Art for Sale


The shoes I want. Hint, Hint.



DJ Jon striking a pose for me as he spins the beats.



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