Weekend Fun

31 01 2008

Get your boogie shoes on and party like it’s 1980’s. Then Party like it’s 1990’s. Good fun huh. ButDon


You are invited to the Opening Reception for new works by
Jason van Winkle!
Mark your calendar and join us!
Saturday, February 2nd

8 – 11 PM

Get Your Ass on the List

29 01 2008

Hey peeps, There are some cool shit happening this weeking. So you wanna go? Just  RSVP so you can get on the list and  be the VIP you wish you were. Also one  party has a goody bag and  that is always cool. Just  get there early b/c as you know just b/c your on the list doesn’t mean you will get in if it is too full.





Another Bad Ass Monday

28 01 2008

Get on down with you bad self at this funky, funky night of fun at the Standard Holtel on Sunset. There’s no cover charges, so just get gussied up to impress your peeps and the crowd. Who knew that the Standard could be so fresh. Just don’t forget to RSVP @ smalltalk@gmail.com to get on the list or risk be left on the street like some common hooker.


26 01 2008



Enjoy a culture-filled night of browsing at abundances of original artwork with array of styles that won’t break the banks at Bagavagabond’s edgy art show, Art Explosion: Pop. If a night of bitchin’ art isn’t enough, be blow away by great low-rent films at the “5 for 50 film festival.” Make your own art in varies forms of live silk screening and photo booth that can mount on the wall. DJ’s Hatbox, Matter, and Brass Tacks provided rhythm and rhyme. Don’t worry about spending too much loot since a portion of the proceeds goes to “For the Arts” charity. Just think of it as your good deed for the year. Oh yeah there will be some free tasty drinks to make sure you have a popping good time.

Kesh-Dig This Style Icon

25 01 2008

Meet Kesh.

If you’re on the party scene, you’ve probably seen her rocking the joint.

Either DJing or just being the social butterfly that she is.

If not, you’ve probably seen one of her designs.

Because all the cool people wear them.

In any event, meet this real-life style icon. Not because she wears uber-expensive designer clothes, or is always up on the latest “it” bag. Truth be told, the bulk of her wardrobe “costs less than a large pizza.”

Kesh is a Citizen Du Monde style icon because in a world where the norm seems to be the mindless following of trends, she sticks out like a sore thumb painted with polka dots. She’ll throw on an outfit you wouldn’t dare wear, but it’s probably for the best because YOU couldn’t possibly rock it as well as she does.

And when she’s not “upstaging you hoes” she’s dressing the celebrity world. Kanye and Lupe dig her, as well as you should. Hot shit, as she’s barely old enough to buy liquor in the U.S.
So when/if you see Miss Kesh on the streets, in the club, or coming out of your boyfriend’s house, your best bet is to just do that little head-nod thing. Because a wise man once said:
Don’t Hate, Congratulate.

Let’s go Skiing this Afternoon

23 01 2008

Grab your  snowboards guys and gal’s because there will be a coll ski villiage in Beverly Hills. Yes I said Beverly Hills.  No hell hasn’t frozen over just  a little event thrown together by DWS Scudder, the U.S. retail unit of Deutsche Banks Asset Management division, who is  transforming The Via at Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills into the DWS Climate Change Ski Village today. This event is  kicking off  the nationwide road show in order to generate some press for the DWS Climate Change Fund. So what better way to get the word out then having a party with  Steve Akoi as the  DJ. This party is going to be mad fun. I can see it now, people  dancing, drinking and maybe a little snowball fights.


Jan 23


2 Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills, CA

David Lynch weekend

18 01 2008

You either love or just don’t get his film, but you have to admit David Lynch is a fucking genuis. So all you Lynch fans better run to the LACMA to celebrate 30 years of quirkiness that has made him a legend in the film world. Also he gives a kick ass weather report on Indie 103. I just love it. It’s the highlight of my morning. Sad I know. Also as a treat, you Lynch heads will be able to see shorts from his college days as well as a new documentry. The cost of admission is just 9 bucks.

Jan. 18, 7:30 p.m. Lynch
9:10 p.m. The Short Films of David Lynch

Jan. 19, 7:30 p.m. Lynch
9:10 p.m. Eraserhead – 30th Anniversary Restoration

Los Angeles County Museum of Art – LACMA
Neighborhood: Park La Brea
5905 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Price $9

Weekend Edition

17 01 2008

Ya’ll know the deal. It’s the day i give you the lowdown about what’s going on this weekend.

a owls
This year starts off with a bang
at Ghettogloss with our first art reception of 2008.
Girly Group Show opens to the public on January 17th, 2008.
Join us for a cocktail reception
January 17, 2008 with the Girlies from the show from 7p-Midnight. xxoooooooxxxxx000xxXX0000oo

GoApeShtFront.jpg picture by relmusic
Bomp!: Saving The World One Record At A Time
Bomp! : Saving The World One Record At A Time
By Suzy Shaw and Mick Farren
Book Signing featuring a live performance by Joe and Mike Nolte of The LastSaturday, January 19, 2008, 6 – 9 pm
La Luz de Jesus
4633 Hollywood Bl.
Los Angeles California 90027
(323) 666-7667


School Night Outing At Charlie O’s

14 01 2008

MUSTACHE MONDAYS: Grow One and Come.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Ugh it’s Monday. I sure no one is happy to be at work, but it got’s to be done if you like to eat, drink and have a place to live. So why not treat yourself to a little school night fun. Come on take a risk, you only live once. So run outta work fast and down to Charlie O’s for Mustache Mondays Dance Party. Costing on 5 bucks, you will have plenty of cash left over to spend on those yummy drinks specials. You don’t have to grow a “stache” to get in this bitchin’ party, just be ready to dance your ass off.

Super DJ’s Josh Peace, Dinco Dinco, and Total Freedom will bring the house down for those who want to celebrate being able to party on a school night.

Some of the featured performers are:

  • Raja
  • Fade-Ra
  • Hector Xtravaganza
  • Sir Heffington
  • and of course some Big Dick’d Dirty Dancers!

Just remember if you have too much fun, you can always phone in sick.

Every Monday

Charlie O’s

501 S. Spring St.

Los Angeles CA

LA Weekly’s 3rd Annual Biennial

10 01 2008

More art for ya’ll. If the other events were not your cup of tea, Then this one will surelyknock your sock off. Sponser by LA Weekly, so you know this event will be off the radar. I don’t know who’s going to be showing , but if you want to know just pick up the latest issue of L.A. Weekly. Those guys sure do know how to get readership.Maybe Citzen Du monde needs to do some sneaky stuff like that. LOL. What I do know that there will be over 70 of the best living painters in LA. It’s free and refreshments will be served. Also if the art is not enough, rock out to the performances by:THE SPIRIT GIRLS,WOUNDED LION ,and JOHN KILDUFF of LET’S PAINT TV. This is a good way to spend your Saturday night out.


Curated by Doug Harvey
January 12, 2008 – February 16, 2008
Opening reception on Saturday, January 12, 2008 from 7-11 P.M

Track Gallery
Bergamot Station

2525 Michigan Ave.,

Santa Monica