LA Weekly’s 3rd Annual Biennial

10 01 2008

More art for ya’ll. If the other events were not your cup of tea, Then this one will surelyknock your sock off. Sponser by LA Weekly, so you know this event will be off the radar. I don’t know who’s going to be showing , but if you want to know just pick up the latest issue of L.A. Weekly. Those guys sure do know how to get readership.Maybe Citzen Du monde needs to do some sneaky stuff like that. LOL. What I do know that there will be over 70 of the best living painters in LA. It’s free and refreshments will be served. Also if the art is not enough, rock out to the performances by:THE SPIRIT GIRLS,WOUNDED LION ,and JOHN KILDUFF of LET’S PAINT TV. This is a good way to spend your Saturday night out.


Curated by Doug Harvey
January 12, 2008 – February 16, 2008
Opening reception on Saturday, January 12, 2008 from 7-11 P.M

Track Gallery
Bergamot Station

2525 Michigan Ave.,

Santa Monica




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