School Night Outing At Charlie O’s

14 01 2008

MUSTACHE MONDAYS: Grow One and Come.

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Ugh it’s Monday. I sure no one is happy to be at work, but it got’s to be done if you like to eat, drink and have a place to live. So why not treat yourself to a little school night fun. Come on take a risk, you only live once. So run outta work fast and down to Charlie O’s for Mustache Mondays Dance Party. Costing on 5 bucks, you will have plenty of cash left over to spend on those yummy drinks specials. You don’t have to grow a “stache” to get in this bitchin’ party, just be ready to dance your ass off.

Super DJ’s Josh Peace, Dinco Dinco, and Total Freedom will bring the house down for those who want to celebrate being able to party on a school night.

Some of the featured performers are:

  • Raja
  • Fade-Ra
  • Hector Xtravaganza
  • Sir Heffington
  • and of course some Big Dick’d Dirty Dancers!

Just remember if you have too much fun, you can always phone in sick.

Every Monday

Charlie O’s

501 S. Spring St.

Los Angeles CA



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