Kesh-Dig This Style Icon

25 01 2008

Meet Kesh.

If you’re on the party scene, you’ve probably seen her rocking the joint.

Either DJing or just being the social butterfly that she is.

If not, you’ve probably seen one of her designs.

Because all the cool people wear them.

In any event, meet this real-life style icon. Not because she wears uber-expensive designer clothes, or is always up on the latest “it” bag. Truth be told, the bulk of her wardrobe “costs less than a large pizza.”

Kesh is a Citizen Du Monde style icon because in a world where the norm seems to be the mindless following of trends, she sticks out like a sore thumb painted with polka dots. She’ll throw on an outfit you wouldn’t dare wear, but it’s probably for the best because YOU couldn’t possibly rock it as well as she does.

And when she’s not “upstaging you hoes” she’s dressing the celebrity world. Kanye and Lupe dig her, as well as you should. Hot shit, as she’s barely old enough to buy liquor in the U.S.
So when/if you see Miss Kesh on the streets, in the club, or coming out of your boyfriend’s house, your best bet is to just do that little head-nod thing. Because a wise man once said:
Don’t Hate, Congratulate.



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