Same Sex and Single in the City

9 02 2008

By Philippa Medearis

The Grammy’s, Yeah yeah, Chinese New Year, Yeah yeah. Hold on, I’m going to be single, AGAIN (?!) for Valentine’s, I hear you scream.

Being single in LA is not as easy as it seems and being single and a lesbian brings two major issues. First, the greatly reduced population who are eligible to be hit on. Next, where are they to be found? So not to light a fire under your pants but this could be the last weekend to cop a date for the big night. And even then, if you manage to score, it begs the question – Does that mean I have to buy a gift for Valentine’s too? If you’re not prepared for that then maybe you should stop reading this blog, stay home, watch re-runs and make popcorn.


For those of you brave enough to read on here’s some ideas of where you could meet your next great love:


Girl Bar

661 N. Robertson Blvd.,

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Even if you leave alone you’ll be in great spirits after leaving the ‘Comedy and Cocktail’ night, February 8. Before ten no cover, after ten $10. Sign up to the guest list online.



The Palms doesn’t have anything specifically Valentine related but it’s is has a fun and friendly atmosphere most nights and cheap beer on Wednesdays. To find them go to:


8572 Santa Monica Blvd,

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Cover $5 after nine.



For something more low key without the flashing lights and impending hangover try the South Park flea market. No relation to the cartoon, as far as I know. For this one you’ll have to wear your gaydar to sift through the eclectic collection of culture and art. Included in the mix is music and food – something for the soul, something for the stomach. Make it a date, and bring the kids:


8th and Grand

Downtown Los Angeles

Every Sunday 9am – 4pm

$2.00 ($1.00 with Flyer or ad) Students w/ ID, kids under 12 & Seniors Free



Have fun! And for those of you who got lucky, stay tuned to read cheap gift ideas to buy the one you don’t really love!




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