Some Fashion Week fun and what is going on in L.A

13 03 2008


Here’s me posing and profiling(I watch way too much Top Model) and acting a fool at L.A Fashion week. It been fun, but I’m waiting for it to be over. But you have to admit , I look damn good in this photo. BTW, I’m single as well. Hint, Hint.

So enough about me, here’s the DL on what is going on this week:

Kukula – Dreamcatcher

Kukula - Dreamcatcher

Opening reception March 14, 7 – 11 p.m.

  • Thinkspace Gallery
  • Neighborhood: Silver Lake
  • 4210 Santa Monica Blvd.

  • Los Angeles, CA 90029
  • 323-913-3375
  • De-construct / Re-construct Opening Reception
    arty party booze / 7pm – 10pm

    March 14,2008

    990 N. Hill St,

    Ohh You may get to break some shit!!

    Bagayan, Tanaka, Schaechter Opening
    arty party booze /
    March 15,2008
    7pm – 10pm
    Billy Shire Fine Arts
    5790 Washington Blvd.
    Culver City, CA 90232
    phone: 323-297-0600

    Don’t worry about pronouncing the name, just be there for the art and booze







    Karl Kani

    11 03 2008


    Ok, I know this is last minute, but if you want to go to a fashion show here is one for ya’ll. The Pioneer, Innovator, Originator, & Fashion Icon Himself, Karl Kani, will be unveiling the new 08 Couture Line Exclusively 4 Saks at Ritual, with special celebrity musical guest Khia Shine  who sings” So Krispy” and afterparty. I’m sure it will be loaded with celebs, so bring your camera. Get your party shoes on and dress to impress, bitches. After all, It’s fashion week, you better look fly or just stay home.

    Designer Karl Kani Unviels His new Brand “Kani Kouture” During LA Fashion week

    Hosted by Karl Kani

    And Khia Shine ” So Krispy”

    Suprise Celebrity guest

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    @ Ritual

    1743 N, La Cahuenga Blvd

    Red Carpet Start @ 9

    Denim Fashion Show Starts @ 10:30

    This is a 21+ event.

    Cost: 20.00

    RSVP @;3-11_Karl_Kani_Host_LA_Fashion_Week_Runway_Show

    Fashion Monday-I have work to do??

    10 03 2008

    I don’t know what ya’ll are doing this week, But I’m covering fashion week. Yay. I can’t get none of ya’ll, but don’t worry, I will have plenty of pics to gloat,  I mean to show ya’ll. It’s going to be hot.  I’m sure  there are plenty of other things to do,  but I don’t  have time  to post for tonight. I have to get all pretty and  that’s going to take an hot minute  or two

    Jared Gold Fashion Show

    7 03 2008


    As you know L.A fashion week is upon us again. And if  you ever wanted to go to  a fashion show, well now you have a chance. Jared Gold(  he the man that made  the models walk the runway with roaches  on ANTM cycle 6) is putting on a little show and guess what , the common folks are invited to this soiree. It’s  going to be  the show  that everyone will be talking about.   Former Porn star, Traci Lords, Chris Crocker, Lisa D’Amato and many more fashionable folks will be strutting their stuff down the catwalk instead of those skinny bitches,  I mean models . How cool is  that!!! Real people on the catwalk. So shocking, I know. I am  so looking foward to this show. So if  you wanna stay hip, get you ass on the list. To RSVP, click here

    When: March 14, 2008


    Los Angeles Union Station

    800 N. Alameda St

    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Free Admission but must Rsvp

    Doors open @ 8pm

    Show startes @ 9pm

    Kesh-Dig This Style Icon

    25 01 2008

    Meet Kesh.

    If you’re on the party scene, you’ve probably seen her rocking the joint.

    Either DJing or just being the social butterfly that she is.

    If not, you’ve probably seen one of her designs.

    Because all the cool people wear them.

    In any event, meet this real-life style icon. Not because she wears uber-expensive designer clothes, or is always up on the latest “it” bag. Truth be told, the bulk of her wardrobe “costs less than a large pizza.”

    Kesh is a Citizen Du Monde style icon because in a world where the norm seems to be the mindless following of trends, she sticks out like a sore thumb painted with polka dots. She’ll throw on an outfit you wouldn’t dare wear, but it’s probably for the best because YOU couldn’t possibly rock it as well as she does.

    And when she’s not “upstaging you hoes” she’s dressing the celebrity world. Kanye and Lupe dig her, as well as you should. Hot shit, as she’s barely old enough to buy liquor in the U.S.
    So when/if you see Miss Kesh on the streets, in the club, or coming out of your boyfriend’s house, your best bet is to just do that little head-nod thing. Because a wise man once said:
    Don’t Hate, Congratulate.

    Meet Perez Hilton

    19 12 2007

    perezbanner1.jpg   I don’t know about you , but I am addicted  to gossip. It’s my drug of choice.  I scan the gossip rags  a few times a day. OK, it’s like every 10 minutes, but can you blame me,  these celebs are so crazy.  There are  couple of good one out, but my all time fave site is Perez Hilton.  That site has the latest, breaking news and it damn funny. Perez tells people how it is  and he doesn’t hold  back just the way I  like it – mean and dirty.Well if you love him or hate him (Seriously, who are  you people) then you have a chance to meet the Queen of all Media at  Kitson on Saturday, December 22 as  he launch his  t-shirt collection. Talk about Christmas coming early.  Not only can you buy his funny tees, but you will be able to me his highness and get him to sign it as well. Ooh, I’m so there. I wondering if he would tell me some insider tidbits. That alone is worth the trip. December 22Kitson  2pm-4p 115 N Robertson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048  

    Roll To the “Bu” for some Art

    14 12 2007




    There’s a party in Malibu? WTF? Yes, the ‘BU is hot and there’s going to be a nice art show thrown by that hip shoe company, PF Flyer. View artwork displayed as well as a limited edition PF Flyers Albin shoe. Roll by with your friends and family to enjoy a good night of art, food and fun. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday night then with drinks and yummy hors d’overs, while admiring some fab art! It’s a long haul, but worth the drive.

    Singleringen- I love it. (Citizen Crave)

    11 12 2007


    Single and proud of it? Do you love your life just the way it is? Well there is no better way to shout your status to the world by wearing the fashionable Singleringen. In the world or singleton, this item is popular worldwide. People are snatching it up quickly so that they too can show people that they are single and happy. Created by Johan Wahlbäck, The Singelringen (“Single Ring” in Swedish) is a unisex ring with turquoise acrylic layer shining over a sterling silver band that has unique registration number. This number allows you to join an international social networking place on the Internet for everyone that has bought a Singelringen. So just by having this ring you may be able to find that special someone. The best then about this ring is that it will only run you  $59. It’s a lot cheaper then an engagement ring that’s for sure. It’s well worth the price to tell that world that just because you are single, you’re not fabulous. This would make a good Christmas gift for that single person in your life who is happy just the way they are. I had a ring myself, but I lost it. I just hope this doesn’t mean that I will forever be single. I better run out and get me a new one just in case to be on the safe side.

    Gen Art’s Shop By Design

    10 12 2007

    Well you have about 2 weeks left for xmas shopping. But don’t fret beause Gen Art and Dwell magazine are throwing a fab sample sale to spread some Xmas cheer. Shop by Design is back and bringing the best of fashion, art and home furnishings together at the ultra ritzy Cooper Design Space roof. Guest will be able to shop directly from the designers for clothing and accessories, one-of-a-kind art pieces and modern home furnishings for up to 70% off retail prices. Shopping can be stressful, So there will cocktails, beauty treatments, and music stylings by DJ Hoff to relax the crowd.

    Participating Vendors include Andrew Lauren, Anna Bogren Designs, BGREEN: Organic Lifestyle Apparel, Geren Ford, H.O.P.E., The Art of Chase, Vane Russo, 2JANE, and Carlos Alberto Style Lab

    Tuesday, December 11th

    5:30 – 6:30pm: VIP pre-sale
    6:30 – 11:00pm: Main Event

    Cooper Design Space
    860 S. Los Angeles St, Suite 1100
    Los Angeles, CA

    * Open to all invited guests including silver & platinum members

    VIP TICKETS: (Includes VIP pre-sale, access to VIP Champagne Lounge & Gift Bag)
    Gen Art Associate Producer & Higher Level Members: 2 complimentary tickets
    Other Members: $20 / ticket
    Non-members: $30 / ticket

    Jeremy Scott-Dig This

    7 12 2007

     Jeremy Fu%#!ing Scott, Ya’ll!!

    Citizen would like to take a moment to tip our hats to one of the most innovative and versatile designers of the industry.

    With a cult-like following, Jeremy Scott has remained ahead of his competitors by  continuously thinking outside the box.

    2007 marks the 10th year of his career, highlighted by rave reviews, celebrity endorsments and hot collaborations.


    And we can wait to see what the future holds for…


    Jeremy Fu*&%$ing Scott



    Kanyeezy rocking some Jeremy Scott shades.


    Who else could do it better?