Singleringen- I love it. (Citizen Crave)

11 12 2007


Single and proud of it? Do you love your life just the way it is? Well there is no better way to shout your status to the world by wearing the fashionable Singleringen. In the world or singleton, this item is popular worldwide. People are snatching it up quickly so that they too can show people that they are single and happy. Created by Johan Wahlbäck, The Singelringen (“Single Ring” in Swedish) is a unisex ring with turquoise acrylic layer shining over a sterling silver band that has unique registration number. This number allows you to join an international social networking place on the Internet for everyone that has bought a Singelringen. So just by having this ring you may be able to find that special someone. The best then about this ring is that it will only run you  $59. It’s a lot cheaper then an engagement ring that’s for sure. It’s well worth the price to tell that world that just because you are single, you’re not fabulous. This would make a good Christmas gift for that single person in your life who is happy just the way they are. I had a ring myself, but I lost it. I just hope this doesn’t mean that I will forever be single. I better run out and get me a new one just in case to be on the safe side.